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Owning my moment

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    This is your journey, defined by you. These are moments created by you, lived by you and owned by you. Volkswagen and Harman Kardon are in tune with that and work together to intensify the unique emotion of your journey in all its moods and facets. We use cutting-edge technology, iconic design and decades of expertise to give you the simple freedom to be yourself on your terms.

Volkswagen GOLF

Volkswagen <em>Golf</em>


  • 480-watt amplifier
  • 10 high-performance speakers
  • 160 mm subwoofer in a 10.5l sealed enclosure


The Harman Kardon premium sound system in the new Volkswagen Golf is more than just a sound system: It’s a pairing that creates a sanctuary where you can find refuge. It brings the beauty of sound to life. It connects with the real you.

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1 2 3 2 4 5 6
1 1 x 80 mm center speaker (dashboard)
2 4 x 25 mm tweeters (A-pillars & rear doors)
3 2 x 168 mm dual voice-coil woofers (front doors)
4 2 x 168 mm single voice-coil woofers (rear doors)
5 1 x 160 mm subwoofer in a 10.5 l sealed enclosure (in the rear)
6 12-channel Ethernet amplifier with an output of 480 watts

Discover cutting-edge technology

Fraunhofer Sonamic Panorama and the additional center speaker transform the sound system into an audio experience that brings to life all the richness, emotion and intensity music can offer. More than just listening to music, you become part of it.

Individual sound settings for Volkswagen

Tune into the rhythm of your soul and go where you want to go with a choice of four sound settings: PURE, CHILL OUT, LIVE and ENERGY. Each of the four settings accentuates a different aspect, allowing you to adjust the system to create your own personal listening experience, find your way back to you and own your moment.


Authentic, beautiful and functional design, which is SIMPLE / ALIVE / ICONIC. The distinctive speaker grills are highlighted by a 60° hole pattern in a nod to the iconic angled slash in the Harman Kardon logo, and are crafted from ultra-thin 0.5 mm high-strength steel to support optimal acoustic performance.