BDS 280S


2.1-channel, 130-watt, 4K upscaling Blu-ray Disc™ Receiver with Spotify Connect, AirPlay and Bluetooth® technology.

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Home theater comes alive with tomorrow’s wireless HD technology.

High-performance, 2.1-channel, 3D Blu-ray Disc™ System delivering direct access to all your portable media. The Harman Kardon® BDS 280 is a sleek, high-performance, 3D Blu-ray Disc™ System redefining Blu-ray capability. It features three HDMI® inputs with 3D;HDMI Audio Return Channel (ARC) for compatible TVs; Wi-Fi® networking connectivity, eliminating the need for a wired Ethernet connection; Apple AirPlay for streaming content from your iPad, iPhone, iPod, or iTunes on your Mac or PC; Bluetooth®® MultiConnect™ technology for pairing two devices at once; NFC for easy Bluetooth® pairing and DLNA® 1.5. With the BDS 280, you can also connect to Pandora® and other online services (where available). Harman Kardon’s legendary best-in-class sound technology brings Dolby TrueHD and DTS Digital Surround to life. With Dolby Volume, you can hear everything as was originally intended without disturbing the neighbors. Optimize your listening experience with its EZset/EQ™ speaker calibration system. Setting up and using the system is easy and fun with its clean and attractive high definition graphical interface or with the free-of-charge remote app for iOS and Android. In other words, the BDS 280 raises the standards of what you’ve come to expect from any Blu-ray system.

Item# BDS 280OMWQ/230-B2

General Specifications

Power Requirement 100 – 240V AC, 50/60Hz
Source Unit Weight 3.56kg
Source Unit Dimensions 400.2mm (L) x 283.8mm (W) x 78.5mm (H)
Power consumption <0.5W standby, 90W maximum

Audio Specifications

Continuous average power, stereo mode 65 Watts per channel, 20Hz – 20kHz, @<1% THD, both channels driven into 6 ohms
Frequency response @ 1W(±0.5dB) 20Hz – 20kHz
Total System Power 130 Watts
Signal-to-noise ratio (IHF-A) –90dB

FM Tuner

Frequency Range 87.5MHz – 108.0MHz (US and EU)
Sensitivity >14dBf
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 0.3%/0.5% (Mono/Stereo)
Stereo Separation –40dB @ 1kHz
IF Rejection 80dB

Video Specifications

HDMI™ version 1.4b With 3-D and 30/36-bit Deep Color
Television Format PAL
  • 1 Harman Kardon BDS 280S
  • 1 Programmable Remote Control
  • 1 EzSet/EQ III microphone with 22' (6.7m) cable
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • 1 FM radio antenna
  • 2 wireless network antennas
  • 1 6' (1.8m) region-specific IEC power cord
  • 1 3’ (0.9m) HDMI cable
{"searchRecords":[{"attributes":{"type":"FAQ__kav","url":"/services/data/v43.0/sobjects/FAQ__kav/ka0i0000000YWPmAAO"},"Title":"Can I setup WiFi on my BDS 280S or 580S with my iPhone?","Id":"ka0i0000000YWPmAAO","ArticleNumber":"000005302","ArticleType":"FAQ__kav","Question__c":"Can I setup WiFi on my BDS 280S or 580S with my iPhone?","Answer__c":"Yes it is possible. Connect any iOS device (iPhone, iPod touch or iPad) to the front panel USB port of the BDS. Make sure Wi-Fi is enabled on your iOS device and that it is currently connected to your wireless home network.\r\nNOTE: iOS version 5 or higher is required for iOS Wi-Fi sharing. 1: Select Configure Wi-Fi by iOS from the Setup Wi-Fi list. A pop-up will be displayed on your iOS device. 2: Select Allow to confirm that you want to share your Wi-Fi settings. 3: The connection should now be established automatically. Check the status on your TV for confirmation\""},{"attributes":{"type":"FAQ__kav","url":"/services/data/v43.0/sobjects/FAQ__kav/ka0i0000000YZDtAAO"},"Title":"Can a BDS 280/280S / BDS 580/580S upscale external sources to UHD format?","Id":"ka0i0000000YZDtAAO","ArticleNumber":"000004158","ArticleType":"FAQ__kav","Question__c":"Can a BDS 280/580 upscale external video signals to UHD format?","Answer__c":"The BDS 280/580 or 280S/580S can upscale video signals from its internal drive to UHD format, both DVD and Blu-ray discs.\r\n\r\nThe 280/580 or 280S/580S have pass-through function on the HDMI inputs.\r\nThey will not upscale standard format or normal HD format video signals that are fed to the HDMI inputs of the 280/580 or 280S/580S.\r\nHowever, 4K or UHD video signals will pass through the BDS directly to the TV screen without processing, as will HD and SD format video.\r\n(Bear in mind that this high resolution makes it even more important to use high-quality HDMI cables, especially if they must be several meters long.)"},{"attributes":{"type":"FAQ__kav","url":"/services/data/v43.0/sobjects/FAQ__kav/ka0i0000000YWPlAAO"},"Title":"How can I set up my BDS 280S or BDS 580S to the WiFi?","Id":"ka0i0000000YWPlAAO","ArticleNumber":"000005301","ArticleType":"FAQ__kav","Question__c":"How can I set up my BDS 280S or BDS 580S to the WiFi?","Answer__c":"To choose a wireless network for your BDS system, please do the following. 1: Select Choose a network from the Setup Wi-Fi list. 2: Follow the instructions on the screen to select your wireless home network and enter your security password, if applicable."},{"attributes":{"type":"FAQ__kav","url":"/services/data/v43.0/sobjects/FAQ__kav/ka0i0000000YWQ5AAO"},"Title":"How many devices does Multi-Connect support?","Id":"ka0i0000000YWQ5AAO","ArticleNumber":"000005308","ArticleType":"FAQ__kav","Question__c":"How many devices does Multi-Connect support?","Answer__c":"Our Multi-Connect feature supports up to two devices, to be connected at the same time. But only one device can play at a time."},{"attributes":{"type":"FAQ__kav","url":"/services/data/v43.0/sobjects/FAQ__kav/ka0i0000000YXERAA4"},"Title":"I want to stream 4K content from the built-in YouTube on my BDS","Id":"ka0i0000000YXERAA4","ArticleNumber":"000005410","ArticleType":"FAQ__kav","Question__c":"I am using the built-in YouTube app in my BDS device. I want to stream 4K content from YouTube, but this resolution option is not available. How come?","Answer__c":"The built-in YouTube app is able to stream up to 1080P content. Video with higher resolution is not available."},{"attributes":{"type":"FAQ__kav","url":"/services/data/v43.0/sobjects/FAQ__kav/ka0i0000000YWPvAAO"},"Title":"I do not see my BDS unit in my Spotify app, how come?","Id":"ka0i0000000YWPvAAO","ArticleNumber":"000005305","ArticleType":"FAQ__kav","Question__c":"I do not see my BDS unit in my Spotify app, how come?","Answer__c":"Spotify Connect needs to be connected to your Home network for it to work. Also it requires that you are a paid subscriber to Spotify Premium to open use of the Connect feature."},{"attributes":{"type":"FAQ__kav","url":"/services/data/v43.0/sobjects/FAQ__kav/ka0i0000000YXEbAAO"},"Title":"I have a 5 GHz network router, and I want my BDS to connect to that, but it cannot see the network. How can I connect it?","Id":"ka0i0000000YXEbAAO","ArticleNumber":"000005411","ArticleType":"FAQ__kav","Question__c":"I have a 5 GHz network router, and I want my BDS to connect to that, but it cannot see the network. How can I connect it?","Answer__c":"Our BDS device do not support 5 GHz networks. You must connect it to a 2.4 GHz network (b, g or N networks)."},{"attributes":{"type":"FAQ__kav","url":"/services/data/v43.0/sobjects/FAQ__kav/ka0i0000000YWPWAA4"},"Title":"My BDS refuses to play 3D discs on my 4K TV:BDS X80","Id":"ka0i0000000YWPWAA4","ArticleNumber":"000004525","ArticleType":"FAQ__kav","Question__c":"I have a BDS device which upsamples to 4K resolution, and I have a 4K or UHD TV.\r\nWhen I insert a 3D Blu-ray disc in the BDS, I get the message that it cannot be played. \r\nWhy is that, and what can I do?","Answer__c":"This is because a 4K TV will force the BDS into 4K resolution (upsampling), because this gives the best picture quality, being the highest resolution possible.\r\n\r\nHowever, there is no such thing as a 3D 4K movie. All 3D discs are full HD (1080p), but cannot be reproduced in 4K, because 4K resolution cannot be combined with 3D.\r\n\r\nThe solution is to enter the setup menu of the BDS, selecting normal full HD resolution in the picture settings menu.\r\nNow 3D movies will be shown correctly on the 4K TV."},{"attributes":{"type":"FAQ__kav","url":"/services/data/v43.0/sobjects/FAQ__kav/ka0i0000000YWPMAA4"},"Title":"How to go back through Apple TV menus on BDS 280(S) and 580(S).","Id":"ka0i0000000YWPMAA4","ArticleNumber":"000004097","ArticleType":"FAQ__kav","Question__c":"I have connected an Apple TV box to my BDS HDMI 3 input, and when I press the HDMI 3 button on the BDS remote control, also marked Apple, I can operate the Apple TV.\r\nHowever, I cannot use the RETURN button to skip back to previous menus. How do I return to previous menus?","Answer__c":"The correct button is the POP-UP button, located in the upper left corner of the upper big, square button.\r\nThis will work as return button."},{"attributes":{"type":"FAQ__kav","url":"/services/data/v43.0/sobjects/FAQ__kav/ka0i0000000YWI6AAO"},"Title":"I have no audio in my speakers when listening to an external source","Id":"ka0i0000000YWI6AAO","ArticleNumber":"000004613","ArticleType":"FAQ__kav","Question__c":"I have no audio in my speakers when listening to an external source","Answer__c":"Please note that the AUX source supports a variety of input connections. By pressing the AUX button on the remote several times, the input toggles between the different audio inputs. Please press the remote control AUX button repeatedly, until the front display shows the correct input source. This should set the AUX input correctly, and you should have audio back in your speakers, to let you enjoy your Harman Kardon system."},{"attributes":{"type":"FAQ__kav","url":"/services/data/v43.0/sobjects/FAQ__kav/ka0i0000000YWIQAA4"},"Title":"Sometimes, if I remove the USB stick while playing from it, the BDS freezes.","Id":"ka0i0000000YWIQAA4","ArticleNumber":"000004622","ArticleType":"FAQ__kav","Question__c":"Sometimes, if I remove the USB stick while playing from it, the BDS freezes.","Answer__c":"Never remove a USB stick while the BDS is playing files from it. If the system freezes, switch the BDS unit OFF and then ON with the switch on the back panel to reset."},{"attributes":{"type":"FAQ__kav","url":"/services/data/v43.0/sobjects/FAQ__kav/ka0i0000000YWPRAA4"},"Title":"Batteries used: BDS 280S & BDS 580S","Id":"ka0i0000000YWPRAA4","ArticleNumber":"000005299","ArticleType":"FAQ__kav","Question__c":"What type of battery is used in the remote control?","Answer__c":"The remote control uses 3 pcs of AAA Alkaline Batteries"},{"attributes":{"type":"FAQ__kav","url":"/services/data/v43.0/sobjects/FAQ__kav/ka0i0000000YWIGAA4"},"Title":"Which formats are supported by the BDS?","Id":"ka0i0000000YWIGAA4","ArticleNumber":"000004616","ArticleType":"FAQ__kav","Question__c":"Which formats are supported by the BDS?","Answer__c":"The BDS system supports a variety of audio and video formats. Listing all disc, surround and codec formats is beyond the scope of an FAQ. Please donwload the Owner's Manual from the harman.com website for a full list."},{"attributes":{"type":"FAQ__kav","url":"/services/data/v43.0/sobjects/FAQ__kav/ka0i0000000YZE3AAO"},"Title":"Which wifi standard do the BDS 280S and BDS 580S support?","Id":"ka0i0000000YZE3AAO","ArticleNumber":"000005719","ArticleType":"FAQ__kav","Question__c":"Which wifi standard do the BDS 280S and BDS 580S support?","Answer__c":"BDS 280S and 580S support 802.11b, g and n. (2.4GHz ISM Band, Europe 13 Channels)."}]}