Experience Harman Kardon’s
beautiful sound in these discerning vehicles


At Harman Kardon, we strongly believe in first-class quality music reproduction. Music must always preserve its character and nature. Music is meant to be a full and rich emotional experience. That attitude determines how we see and use technology. For Harman Kardon, technology has one purpose and one purpose only – to serve the music!


There is a reason why a Harman Kardon sound system for your car sounds so dramatically different: We do not develop for our automotive partners. We develop with them!


AuraVox is a software-based equalizing system for the most challenging of sonic environments – the car interior. AuraVox is breaking new ground in perfect in-car sound coordination.

Loudspeaker Technology

The optimal integration of the premium Harman Kardon sound systems is considered right at the initial design phase. Loudspeakers designed in complex processes are the basis for sound reproduction that is true to the original.

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