Music is meant to be a full and rich emotional
experience. That attitude determines how we
see and use technology. For Harman Kardon,
technology has one purpose and one purpose
only – to serve the music!

At Harman Kardon, we strongly believe in
first-class quality music reproduction. Music
must always preserve its character and


There is a reason why a Harman Kardon sound system for
your car sounds so dramatically different: We do not develop
for our automotive partners. We develop with them! The
Harman Kardon principle: Every car requires a tailor-made

Optimum sound can only be achieved if a sound system is
developed that is carefully tailored to the interior conditions
of each automotive brand and every individual model.
Standard solutions are never an option. That's why it takes
three years, on average, from the first designs for a sound
system until it is ready to be installed in the car.

How is a realistic soundstage created?

AuraVox is a software-based equalizing system for the most challenging of
sonic environments – the car interior. AuraVox is breaking new ground in
perfect in-car sound coordination, permitting a level of computer-based adjustment.
With AuraVox applied, speakers will unleash their full potential, sound
systems will create a clean, distortion-free sonic spectacle when on the
road. A generous but realistic soundstage – for every listening position.

What is a 360° sound spectrum like?

Sometimes, more is actually more. Discrete Logic 7® offers superior surround sound from discrete, high-res 5.1 sources and even stereo recordings. Discrete Logic 7® manages the immense wealth of audio signals and distributes them across the entire system architecture. The result is an impressive 360° sound spectrum at any location in the vehicle. Turn on your audio system and the perfect sound is right there. No need to adjust the controls for your individual listening position.

Music Restoration Technology

Clari-Fi™ will bring the magic of music back to life. Clari-Fi™ is a revolutionary application to restore all types of compressed music. Clari-Fi™ analyses digital audio files during playback and "rebuilds" what was lost in compression. Recreated realism and improved fidelity give new life to compressed media files. Clari-Fi™ will be available as an integral part of your audio system’s head unit. No need to configure or adjust. Clari-Fi™ is always on; your music will always sound good.


The optimal integration of the premium Harman Kardon sound systems is considered right at the initial design phase. Every car undergoes comprehensive simulations to determine the optimum number and positioning of the required sound transducers. Loudspeakers designed in complex processes are the basis for sound reproduction that is true to the original. Depending on the model type, Harman Kardon resorts to various versions, which provide an optimum sound experience in completely different ways using different approaches to development.

How is a uniform, pure frequency response achieved?

The membranes of the specially developed metal matrix sound transducer are composed of a three-layer sandwich structure. Pure aluminium is used as carrier material. As a result, there is an optimum balance ratio between rigidity and weight, maximum performance and a uniform frequency response without acoustic discolouration in the frequency range used. The result is especially authentic sound reproduction, which gives an extraordinary live experience.

How is a clear and true-to-the-original sound generated?

New ALumaprene midrange technology with its increased diameter will create an improved, more accurate and lively performance. This patented light and stiff material shines with outstanding acoustical attributes. It is a true high-end chassis with crisp, lightning fast bass, natural, creamy midrange and clean treble

How to integrate speakers into the roof of a car?

EDPL sound transducers (Electro Dynamic Planar Loudspeakers) allow an unprecedented level of control over the spatial sound. The next generation loudspeaker sets new standards in lightweight design and due to its ultra-thin design, it is able to integrate into difficult installation locations where conventional models could not be installed. The stylish flat design is made possible by a very thin high-tech film layer. Using an acoustic lens, the wave bender, the radiating characteristics can be accurately measured with the utmost precision for each seat in the car.

How to produce a robust bass in a convertible?

An extremely impressive, clear and robust bass, as well as a smooth and crystal-clear sound, even withthe top down – those are the key features of the globally unique Frontbass technology. For the first time, the woofers are positioned in the footwell in front of the driver and passenger, and fixed to the front bulkhead of the body in white and not – as usual – mounted in the doors.

The space behind the front bulkhead formed by the body shell’s aluminum longitudinal members serves as a resonating chamber. The high stiffness of the beams and the robust connection between the speakers and the body in white deliver extremely high acoustic efficiency compared with conventional layouts. The occupants are encased in sound. You truly have the feeling of being bathed in sound.


Technology must always serve music and not the other way around. Each step forward was measured solely by the question of whether we are closer to a natural sound reproduction." This credo of Harman Kardon founder Dr. Sidney Harman is still relevant today for the development of all the sound systems of the brand. With the high-performance digital amplifiers, power packs are used in the different car models that enable unrivalled audio quality.

How can such a small amplifier produce such a big sound?

With the high-performance Class-D technology amplifiers power packs are put to use, which fulfil the desire for fun and detail-rich sound with the superior high sound pressure level (SPL). The module, weighing only 1.3 kilograms, passes deep bass sounds powerfully and precisely to the loudspeakers. Thanks to the Class-D technology, the amplifier has higher efficiency than an analogue amplifier and as a result only a small amount of heat is generated and additional cooling is not required. In turn, this allows compact dimensions of only 19.2 × 11.6 × 5.2 centimetres and consequently space-saving installation under the driver's seat or at the rear. The compact and light Class-D amplifier works extremely economically and efficiently.

How can the same sound be achieved for all seats?

Harman Kardon only uses high-performance amplifiers, which provide up to 600 watts in the BMW models. The high-performance modules are customised to save space in vehicles and provide optimum distribution of music signals. They are all equipped with a digital signal processor (DSP). The high computing power of the DSP ensures that every single amplifier channel can be individually filtered and adjusted for play-time. As a result, the DSP amplifier provides an optimum sound experience for every seat.


GreenEdge enables you to enjoy the sound of efficiency. Harman Kardon GreenEdge systems combine new environmentally friendly design with dramatic energy savings – all without compromising the premium performance for which Harman Kardon products are known.

The systems utilize unique amplifier and speaker technologies delivering substantial increases in component and system efficiency levels. GreenEdge amplifiers outperform traditional amplifier efficiency by up to 55 percent - representing a net efficiency of more than 90 percent in many cases.

The acoustic transparency and dynamic response have been significantly improved at the same time in comparison with conventional systems. Using innovative, lightweight materials, such as Aramid fiber and an array of highly efficient design solutions also ensures optimized low mass products.